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We Are Deeply Rooted


While the RF Wine label was established in 2015, the Rand Family has deep roots producing wine on California's Central Coast for over 20 years.

​Our mission at RF Fine Wines is to craft premium limited production wine using the finest hand-selected grapes and barrels available.

As an exercise in sustainability, RF Fine Wines are sold online, private  pourings and through our exclusive Vip 100 member program. 

Family, friends and lovers of truly exceptional wines, we invite you to enjoy.

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From exquisite nose to delectable finish, learn more about our 2015 & 2016 library collection.

Check back for the introduction of our addition of our newly bottled 2017 and 2018 Wines!


Learn why OUR Membership is unlike any other wine club you've ever experienced.

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There is always something happening just around the corner with RF Fine Wines.

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Start off All Special Events Right...


Our premium wines are perfect for any gathering

with friends or family.

Let's toast to a life filled with health, joy,

and good wine! 

Limited Production For Exceptional Quality


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