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About Us

The Story of RF Fine Wines

At RF Fine Wines, we believe in the art of crafting exceptional wines that embody harmony, balance, and integrity. Founded in 2015 by esteemed winemaker Sheila Rand, RF Fine Wines is a testament to over two decades of dedication to the craft of winemaking on California's stunning Central Coast.

Our philosophy is simple yet profound: we strive to create wines that stand out for their refinement and balance. We understand that wine isn't just a beverage but an experience—a culmination of meticulous details that evoke a sense of wonder with each sip.

At the heart of RF Fine Wines is our commitment to quality, balance, and integrity. Each bottle represents a journey from the vineyard to the cellar, where every step is carefully orchestrated to deliver wines that exceed expectations.

The RF in our name signifies the Rand Family, reflecting our belief that wine is meant to be enjoyed among loved ones—sharing moments, stories, and celebrations with family and friends.

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