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Our Story

Winemaker Sheila Rand started her professional journey in the equestrian industry as a Dressage judge and instructor.
What she developed during that time was a dedication to the details that create harmony, balance, and integrity in the ride, and later in her wines.
With over 20 years of experience crafting wines on California's beautiful Central Coast, Sheila began the RF Fine Wines brand in 2015.

"I wanted to develop wines that were truly refined and balanced. So often people aren't even sure what they are drinking, or want to know why our wines taste so good compared to the $20 bottle they are accustomed to drinking from the grocery store.
The RF Fine Wines brand represents painstaking attention to detail and knowledge earned. In over 20 years of making wines, this is something I am proud to share with the world."
Sheila Rand, Winemaker
Sheila is joined by her son, Darin Rand who assists with the winemaking process and business operations.

Our Values


From grape to barrel selection, we believe that quality elements breeds quality wines.


We believe that wine should be balanced. Drinkable, yet special. Tasteful, yet harmonic.


We only sell wines we are willing to drink ourselves and do not believe in fluff marketing. What you get is an honest wine.


The RF stands for Rand Family. From ours to yours, RF Fine Wines are for family and friends.

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