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"VIP/ Elite 100 isn't your typical wine club."

- Heidi, An Enthusiastic Member!!!


VIP/Elite 100 is an exclusive group of wine aficionados who enjoy limited production, fine wines.

Limited to 100 members, we are able to maintain a higher standard of service & quality of wine.



Choose The Wines You Want 

Other wine clubs dictate what you get in your shipments.

We prioritize our VIP/ Elite 100 Members ability to purchase the wines they want to receive. 

We reserve over 80% of our annual wine production for purchase by VIP/Elite 100 Members only!

, members will be notified

 On Your Terms

Sometimes you aren't ready to receive a new shipment of wine.

Shipments will be processed by Nov. 10th and  by April 30th

Members will be notified prior to shipment leaving it open for any changes!

Our VIP/ Elite 100 Members can select from 0ne or Two Annual minimum purchase options


VIP /  50% / 35%

Purchase 1 case of any RF Fine Wine Now

Receive 50% off on an initial case order & 35% discount on any additional wine purchased throughout the year.

*Must purchase 1 case min. each year to maintain VIP 100 Membership status

Elite / 35% / 25% Discount

Receive 35% off on any initial order of 3 or more bottles & 25% on any additional wine purchased throughout the year.

* Must purchase 6 bottles total per year to maintain Elite membership status

*NO additional VIP/Elite Discounts are given on promotional prices.


Participate in Exclusive Events

Tasting rooms are crowded.

VIP/Elite 100 Members enjoy a range of exclusive educational wine events & hosted dinner parties

We will email you about our current schedule of events.


Become A VIP/Elite 100 Member Today

Fill in the VIP/ Elite 100 Membership form below. 

We will apply your VIP/Elite 100 Membership discount 

& send you a custom 100 Member code for future online purchases.

Membership Agreement:

I acknowledge,  that I agree to accept shipments of wine annually , total of 6 bottles. The first and second shipments total of 6 bottles,  Elite Member at a 35% discount , 25% discount on all purchases after initial fulfillment .

Should I opt to take 1 case shipment of 12 bottles (one case, 1st case at 50% discount) annually, the annual shipment will be offered to me as a VIP 100 Member at a 35% discount.  

I understand I may cancel my membership after receiving 12 bottles total without further obligation.


I understand that I am responsible for an early cancellation fee of $75 should I not take a total of 12 bottles of wine within one year of joining!  I understand that my cancellation must be in writing or by email.


I authorize RFWines to charge my credit card for the cost of each shipment, plus taxes and shipping prior to each shipment. 

Void where prohibited. All Alcoholic Beverages are sold in California at the winery and title passes to the buyer.

I certify that I am 21 years of age or older.



Limited Production For Exceptional Quality





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